Bhrigu Srivastava

Software Engineer

Hey 👋🏼, I am Bhrigu

My name is derived from भृगु (/Sanskrit/) who was a rishi and one of the seven great sages in ancient India.

To put it in one line, I'll just say - I love software. And with that I love to build things which I and others may find useful. Right now I'm working as a Software Engineer at Amazon.

Outside of work, well, there are so many things that I like.

I enjoy a nice hot cup of chai, and even better if it's outside.

I love playing sports (or maybe anything with physical avitivity), especially football (soccer). Right now I'm trying to learn tennis.

I find the stoic philosophies very fascinating. It has really changed that way I think about facing hardships in life.

I absolutely love listening to some of my favorite music (which spans from classic rock to movie soundtracks, bollywood oldies from the 50s to 80s, plus so much more). Some of my favorite artists/composers are Green Day, The Strokes, Hans Zimmer, Kishore Kumar, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

<Taking a break from working on this site now. Will add more stuff later>